Freetown Central Prison in Pademba: Hell on Earth ... Literally - Los Hechos y el Derecho TV LHD TV

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Freetown Central Prison in Pademba: Hell on Earth ... Literally

Freetown Central Prison in Pademba: Hell on Earth ... Literally

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This is how the Legal Process works in Pademba Prison

Hell on Earth ... Literally

The Mythological figure written on the Bible about living beyond death and going either hell or heaven looks realy fictional compared to the cruel reality some prisioners have to face in Pandema Prision in Sierra Leone.

Freetown Central Prison in Pademba Road in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa could be easily called:

"Hell on Earth". 

Death Sentence for stealing a bread 

In this Pademba Prison a teenager can be sentenced to 3 years without legal representation only for the crime of stealing 2 loaves of bread and the worst of all is that many of them die before the term is over. No water, no food, no health and life worths nothing.

Some examples of Sentences in this Hell Prison

  • Manyu Dalami, 16, was accused of stealing 100,000 leones, (20 Euros or $26). He was tried and convicted without the prosecution presenting any witnesses or incriminating evidence. He has been serving his three-year sentence at Pademba since 2008. His parents don’t know he is in prison.
  • Cago Ibrahim, 17, was accused of “lack of objects inside a car” and sentenced to two years in prison.
  • Lebbise Steven, 17 was accused of stealing two sheep and received a sentence of three years. He died in prison during the spring of 2010.
  • Mohamed Musa, an orphan, was accused by his uncle (with whom he lived) for the robbery of 10 gallons of palm oil. He was sentenced to two years.
  • Aruna Mahi, unkown age, faced two separate criminals cases. For the first, he was sentenced to six years in prison. He is awaiting trial on the second case.

This is how Prisioners sleep, eat and live (They don't actually "live")

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