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About our Channel

Los Hechos y el Derecho TV, LHD TV, (The Facts and the Law TV) is a legal and entertainment channel in Spanish. The channel airs programming 24 hours a day with documentaries on law,philosophy, music, among others.

The name is abridged LHD TV because its initials in Spanish meaning: The Facts and the Law, in Spanish is: Los Hechos y el Derecho TV. This Channel Television was founded in 1990 by the Faculty Member and Cathedratic Professor Alexander Racini, who is Doctor in Law in the Legal and Political Sciences, graduated in 1989 in University of Carabobo, he is also member of the Fundacion FEDI, an NGO dedicated to the study and free distribution of international law in the world.

The channel has its television studios in Caracas, Madrid and New York.

LHD TV Top Journalists:

Ysa Racini V:

International Legal Anchor, hosts the TV Show: "Facts & The Law by Ysa Racini", analyzing legal issues and world news. Ysa Racini is also Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer (COO) on Alexander Racini & Associates LLC, an international law firm with multiples offices and desks around the world.

Mary González:

US Anchor, special correspondent on Miami, covers the political and economic area of the news.

Lorena Gómez

Spain Anchor, international news in spanish.

Marlene Robles

Venezuelan Anchor, latin american news in spanish.

Gloria Goncálvez

Portugal Anchor, covers the political and economic area of the news in portuguese.

Michael Johnson

American Anchor, special correspondent on New York City, covers entertainment news and music.

Los Hechos y el Derecho con el Profesor Alexander Racini
Live from New York HD Quality 

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